About N&GN

  • Notes & Grace Notes is a writing community and competition site; Awarding Cash prizes monthly to the winning writers in three categories: Short & Excerpted Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry.
Take advantage of the many benefits Grace Notes offers:
  • Cash Prizes that actually grow with the site! The beginning amount on the 1st day of the month will  be $50 per category. However, as we receive more entries and advertising revenue, this amount will grow! 50% of all revenue will go into the monthly prize pot!
  • Winning writers will also receive professional exposure through our esteemed affiliates and professional judges.
  • Monthly resource articles on the art, craft, and business of writing.
  • A diverse community of writers from the seasoned professional to the novice.
  • Writing job notices.
  • Friendly Forums.
  • Peer feedback.
  • **NEW!**   A general writing section to post and receive feedback on non-contest-entry pieces.
Please Register and see and read the Rules and Info page in the main menu to submit your work.

Notes & Grace Notes is the brainchild of a small group of writers who found themselves visiting several sites frequently. There are a ton of great sites out there! Some offer rich communities with revenue sharing, others feature wonderful how-to articles, while still others post writing job classifieds and contests. We wanted to create a single site, a community, with all these features and more.
Grace Notes monthly contests allow users to post their works, to receive valuable peer feedback, and exposure. Our prizes consist of a 50% revenue share. Whereas many sites that offer revenue sharing to their writers split the amount up among hundreds of writers, thereby distributing this money in pennies and wasting it since no one really “gets paid”, Grace Notes awards this sum only to the top entries in each category. In addition, Grace Notes winners will receive some excellent exposure through our professional judges and our esteemed affiliates. We believe that excellent writing should be rewarded financially, yes, but we take this a step further: Excellent writing should be celebrated and promoted. Through our affiliates, Grace Notes winners will be givien publishing oportunities, production consideration, and products/services that can help build their careers!
These benefits, combined with helpful resource articles, writing related classified ads, user forums and other community features will make notesandgracenotes.com the only writing site you need!
We are always open to your suggestions, comments, and general feedback. Drop us a line if you have any ideas how we can improve upon this community. We are evolving as all things must.