The Poet Sanctuary

A place to post poetry and receive feedback from administrators and other members.

Poetry Super Highway

Very cool poetry site. Features two poets a week as well as an extensive archive section. Also contains many writing and poetry links. Great place to read and submit poetry. Highly recommended.

Tapestry of Bronze Poetry Contest

The Tapestry of Bronze is sponsoring a series of poetry contests to celebrate Greek and Roman mythology and the Olympian gods. The subject of the fifth contest is Hermes (also known as Mercury), the God of Messengers and Thieves. The deadline is April 30, 2010.


Solander is published twice yearly, in May and November. It is a magazine of interviews, articles, short fiction and comment – the only such magazine in the world for enthusiasts of historical fiction.

Black Lantern Publishing

Black Lantern Publishing was founded in 2009 and is an online journal for writers and artists. We publish literature and art that is exciting, emotive, and just plain entertaining. Currently we publish short fiction pieces of all varieties and some poetry, but are especially drawn to literature that is evocative and enthralling. We accept fantasy, traditional, and digital art work that is authentic and evocative, while occasionally bordering on the fantastical. We believe that excellent literature and art can come from a variety of places, through both seasoned and less experienced artists and writers. Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy our collection of literature and artwork.

A fun and stylish online lit journal.

The Monongahela Review is a .pdf literary magazine formerly based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Run by a small band of people dedicated to making a quality magazine that attempts to coalesce various voices that excel in expressing truths or mysteries of life with great emotion and depth.

decomP is an online literary magazine that is updated monthly. In existence since April 2004 and  were originally called Decomposition Magazine. They publish prose, poetry, art, and solicited book reviews. A print issue? Yes, in 2010. Also keep in mind that all accepted submissions are eligible for their best-of print anthology-provisionally titled decadE oFdecomP-slated for release in 2014. But for now, feel free to peruse their Amazon store, which features the books they’ve reviewed.

damselfly press seeks to promote exceptional writing by women whose voices have not been heard enough. They welcome work from female writers of all backgrounds and experiences. They accept fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that is honest and daring, and explores the relationship between dualities. Joy, pain. Boldness, vulnerability. Sacred, profane.

A fresh contemporary online lit zine.

Quote from the editors:

“The editors of Blood Lotus want to read poetry, fiction, and anything in between!  We read year-round, and our quarterly issues are packed with fresh language, memorable characters, and beautiful artwork.  We refuse to believe that everything has already been written-let us promote your best writing as proof.”

List of Literary Agents

This listing is divided into two major groups; those who accept email queries and those who do not accept email queries. Each of the two groups are divided into four sections; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenplays, and Poetry. Fiction and Non-Fiction are then listed by genre. Very comprehensive and useful.

About Freelance Writing

A great resource site with job listings gathered from other sources all over the internet as well as contest listings and helpful articles on the writing life.

Predators & Editors

The thing that makes P & E unique is that they not only have an extensive list of agents, magazines, and production companies but they also have warnings about scam organizations. There are people out there who take advantage of dreamers, take their money, and dash their hopes. Don’t be a victim! Check P & E for what’s legit and what’s not!

Duoptrope’s Digest

Another resource site– with a perk. Duoptrope has a database of fiction and poetry publishers that’s searchable based on your criteria. You can narrow down the list based on genre, pay scale, awards won, etc. Very cool!


Believe it or not, CL can be a tremendous resource for writers looking for opportunity. Check out their Writing Gigs section. You might be surprised!

They host monthly short script contests with specific themes. A great way to flex your creative muscle!

This is a screenwriting site which allows users to write a script online with their software (very useful if you don’t have Final Draft or Movie Magic) and save it to your PC. It also allows users to collaborate! You can co-write a script with one person or five people! Really awesome.

Zoetrope is the production company of Francis Ford Coppola. The site is called a “Virtual Studio” and has sections for screenwriters, short story authors, actors, photographers, and more. Here, a writer can post a short or feature length screenplay for peer review. Those with the highest peer ratings may be  considered by the company and their affiliates for production. In addition, you can post short stories there which will then be considered for publication by Zoetrope All-Story, their fiction magazine. All around, a cool site.

The Green Silk Journal

A neat little e-zine currently accepting submissions. Mentioning Grace Notes in your cover letter will earn you special consideration!!

Creative Arts Review

Featuring the Best of Visual, Literary and Performing Arts.

Penmen Elite


A writer’s guild with a lot of extras! Of particular interest to screenwriters.

Lots of great resources here. The best kind too– PAYING!

Avoid Scams!

The National (or International) Library of Poetry runs one of the most successful poetry con-contests around. Everyone is a finalist, everyone is offered inclusion in their anthology, but only those who pre-order an extremely expensive copy will actually be included. What’s more, its a vanity publication you will never find in any book store, see advertised online, or which will sell many copies. The books are sold exclusively to the contributors. Any legitimate contest offering the possibility of publication really should offer a contributor’s copy as a minimal form of payment. This company goes by a lot of different names so you’ll want to check out this link for more info:

The Screenplay Agency is another con. They claim to represent new screenwriting talent. The fact is, if you submit to them they will offer to represent you. They will also tell you your script needs polishing and they will refer you to a (supposedly objective) third party to have analysis done. This is not a “third party”. It’s part of their own organization. In response to these allegations, they will send testimonials from authors who have supposedly  sold scripts through their agency. These authors always seem to be anonymous, though, and they never state titles to their credit. Fishy? Oh, yeah. Check this link for more info: 

To avoid the many scams out there, keep a few things in mind; If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Any offer that sounds even remotely suspicious should be researched. Check this Absolute Write forum for frequent “bewares”  or visit Preditors & Editors for more info.

In the immortal words of Madeye Moody, “Constant Vigilence!”


These notices are posted by users and the general public. While Grace Notes cannot definitively endorse them, we do our best to research them whenever possible. Please let us know if you have any negative experiences responding to these ads and we will gladly remove them immediately.

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