I want the sink to be slow

Watch the world catch fire


The distilled moments, wrapped in cellophane

You didn’t think I saw

or I noticed

or I cared


But the burn is on

and we’re drowning


Begging for Purgatory

For distance

For light


The surface forever

a fingertip away

an apology

a tear

But they never come

And neither will you


This is our grandest moment

The world our stage

While we breath the smoke

and gasp for air

As the audience applauds

Your performance

A display, yes

We are living art

if we live the right way

But we don’t

and we never will


Can you find the words?

are they right?

My words are my bond

my currency

as the world goes gray


The ash

the waste

the charcoal autumn

We walk

hand in hand

too proud for cliches

as the cinders lose their light

We fade away


There are no sunsets where we’re going

I’ll be sleeping when the world ends.


My lungs still full of water

but you’re still drowning.