if you spill water on a fire cracker and then when you light it, the wick burns with fury and beauty, should you be disappionted when it shoots towards the sky only to fizzle out?
the fade of twilight is most interesting in orange, though i can only see scraps of light through my window.
the smile twist at the ends of my mouth, though i kinda wanna cry. Know you were nothing but the smile.
i know i am lame, but it is amusing in my own head.
i am still overwhelmed by the beauty the world holds.
there is no room to stumble, not even for a second.
hold your head up, hold it in, suck it up, crush the competition, who do u think u are? me i know who i am. but please, tell me what it looks like from your perspective.
i am not worthy, yet i still see the prize.
this kinda hurts, wake me up when you make the first incision k
my children have the bluest eyes. they look like gems
once again my soul regenerates